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“Seeking Truth From Fact” Part III: Gaoping’s E-commerce Shop

I felt conflicted about how to write this post. My previous two posts on Gaoping’s peasant tourism association and organic food cooperative were easy, feel-good, ‘hooray-for-rural-alternativist-values’ stories of grassroots cooperative institutions that integrate the needs and interests of the local … Continue reading

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Urban-to-Rural Migration: From Business Marketing in Beijing, to Fish Farming in Sichuan?

Rapid urbanization, rural-to-urban migration, social stratification and the environmental consequences of poorly regulated economic growth and resource degradation – including the pollution of air, soil, and water, loss of arable land to development, deforestation, and desertification – are all central concerns facing China, … Continue reading

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Sichuan Part II: Over the Mountains and through a Cornfield to Aba

As I mentioned in my last post, my first 2010 field visit entailed a lot of vegetable-plot weeding alongside Global Village of Beijing’s farm manager, Peng. Nothing builds camaraderie like digging in the dirt while roasting under the sun and … Continue reading

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