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Zhejiang’s 2013 Youth Environmental Leadership Summit

Coincidentally, just after I wrote my last post I was invited to give a presentation with another current Global College student, Paloma Criollo, and GC staff member, Eoife Huo, at Zhejiang’s ‘Youth Environmental Leadership Summit’ that is organized by the … Continue reading

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Liangzhu Village: I was the Ring Bearer in a Chinese Wedding

In sync with my habit of figuring things out as I go, I woke up early Tuesday morning to ‘baidu’ (China’s ‘google’ equivalent) the address of the farm I had made plans to visit in Liangzhu  (良渚) village. I had … Continue reading

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Shimen Village

For my first rural field visit this time around, my field advisor (and previous professor when I was here with the China Center), Liu Wei, offered me the opportunity to tag along with this year’s class of China Center students … Continue reading

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The Beginning! (for real)

I made it! I left on Sept 1st and arrived in Hangzhou on the 3rd. The 2nd was my (and my twin’s!) 25th birthday. I slept through most of it, which has become my post-23 preferred method of celebrating anyway. … Continue reading

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